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Pack Reductil 20mg & T3 Unipharma

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Our most effective weight loss pack


Sibutramine, a novel serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor, is an antiobesity drug. It reduces food intake by decreasing hunger and increases energy expenditure. By activating the sympathetic nervous system, the drug may increase heart rate and BP. In a recent combined analysis of two placebo-controlled trials, sibutramine treatment did not elicit a critical increase in BP even in hypertensive patients. Nevertheless, obese patients being treated with sibutramine should be monitored periodically for changes in BP.


One month treatment with Reductil-20 and T3 Unipharma:

- Reductil-20 to 20mg daily;

- T3 Unipharma at 75-100mcgs daily


This pack combines the burning of calories of the T3 with the inhibition of the appetite of Reductil. Provides extremely effective results. Recommended to anyone who wants to lose over 10kg.