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Ephedrine HCL Thermogenic

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Ephedrine 50mg - 60 tablets
One month treatment


What Is Ephedrine and How Does It Work?

Ephedrine is a stimulant that increases metabolic rate and thus fat loss.

In short, it increases your body’s energy expenditure much of which comes from body fat.

It makes breathing easier by relaxing the muscles around the airways, which is why Traditional Chinese medicine has long used this plant to treat various conditions such as the common cold, coughing, and the flu.

At bottom, ephedrine works by binding to receptors in your cells that respond to chemicals called catecholamines, which include adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine.

When any of these molecules attach to cells, they trigger the “fight or flight” physical response, increasing heart rate, decreasing hunger, and accelerating fat and glycogen burning.

Ephedrine also helps reduce fat stores that are naturally more resistant to mobilization than others (“stubborn fat) by increasing the activity in a cellular receptor known as a beta-receptor, which triggers the release of energy stored in the fat cell.

How to use Ephedrine for weight loss?


As far as body composition goes, people take ephedrine for two primary reasons:

  1. It increases metabolic rate and fat burning.
  2. It blunts appetite.

Normal posology is:
- 1 tablet upon waking up
- 1 tablet 1 hour before lunch

User will note dramatic appetite decrease, along with energy boost, which will result in weigth loss.